Who is J Fritts?

Coming up with a name to encompass the variety of skills I focus on has been quite the journey itself. I love all that goes into videography, photography, editing, and digital design. Therefore, I found the title of ‘Visual Artist’ the most fitting.


Growing up in Washington and being surrounded by so much beauty has been a blessing. But like many, I want to see the whole world! As an artist, my work has taken me to many incredible places, including Arizona, National parks in Utah, Mexico, California, and at the top of that list, Hawaii.


While living in Maui for just over a year, I fell in love with landscape and sunset photography, and had many opportunities to work inside multi-million dollar homes. As difficult as it was, I decided to leave the island so I could further pursue my passion and chase every opportunity that comes my way!


Now I’m back in Washington specializing in product photography/videography, high end real estate, and weddings. I’m excited to see what the future holds, and am stoked to work with more amazing businesses and clients! Please check out my other pages to view my work, and feel free to contact me here!