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 Welcome AquaTech!

My name is J Fritts, and I would love to partner with your brand.


Why I’m Reaching Out To YOU

To me, partnering with a brand is about more than just getting a free product in return for some images. A true partnership is formed when the content creator believes in a brand/product (and vice versa), and is willing to put in extra effort to support each other.

When I say I believe in AquaTech Imaging Solutions, I mean that I TRUST your underwater housing build quality. I love the DESIGN, and also appreciate the COMMUNITY of other photographers I’ve seen you represent on social media like Warren Keelan, Nolan Omura, Ben Thouard, and many more!

For these reasons alone, I decided to only reach out to AquaTech opposed to other smaller underwater housing brands even though I’d have a better chance at working with them. Go big or go home right? Or do both cause Maui’s a pretty sick home…


What Can I Offer AquaTech?

This is the part I know you’ll look forward to the most ;)

There are many projects I have in mind, but immediately what hits me is an offer for creative and professional studio lit images, social media/website video edits, and of course some unique photos of waves using your housing unit!

I noticed you have some great product images that are very ‘In-action’ style shots, and I think it could be great to show some creative studio lit shots as well! I have some ideas involving mirrors and of course water, plus creative lighting to get some epic shots of the housing unit! Here’s an example of a couple basic shots of some cocktails I took to give you an idea of my studio work! This was my first attempt at studio shooting, so I’m hyped to see what I can do now!

Drank 1 Flwrs Done.jpg
Drank 2.jpg

Here are a few of my Social media video edits that portray my style to give you a base Idea on what I can create! (Above the water)

Beach Edit (Tap to view!)

Jungle Edit (Tap to view!)

Adventure Edit (Tap to view)

My Request

In return for,

  • 5 Creative Professional Studio Lit Photos

  • 10 Professional Wave/Underwater photos for Website/Social Media/Marketing Use

  • (x2) 30-60 Second Social Media Adventure Edits using the Underwater Housing

All I would like in return is tools! I would request the Elite II Canon 5D4 and any Lens Port that would fit a Sigma Art 24-70 F2.8 lens. As long as I have a basic setup for my Canon 5D mk IV and lens I would be beyond stoked!

And with all that said, here is some of my current work shot mainly on the 5D mk IV (1 shot is from my Hero5 Black that no longer works lol)

Enjoy, and thank you for your time!